Santa Claus


Discover the man behind the beard.

He Has More Than Just A Plan.
He Has A List.

America has never been more divided. Hardliners in both parties have brought the country to a standstill. Now more than ever, America needs a president with the proven ability to deliver.

There’s only one candidate who has delivered results to billions of boys and girls around the world each year for more than a millennia.

Only one candidate has made a list of America’s most pressing issues, has checked it twice, and is ready to bring comprehensive solutions to town.

That candidate is Santa Claus.

Unlike some candidates, Santa is not a big talker. He’s a listener. He’s crisscrossed our country and talked to constituents in every state, county, city and shopping mall to learn what concerns everyday Americans most: Jobs. Climate change. Immigration. Stocking stuffers.

Now he’s ready to take off the big red coat, roll up his sleeves and get to work.

Political Experience


As the only candidate to have visited the homes of world leaders in all 195 countries, St. Nick’s foreign policy experience is second to none. Through his correspondence with foreign leaders and their children, he has mastered the art of negotiation and compromise. And as one of the most recognizable figures on the planet, he has used his influence to ensure clean rooms, finished dinners and more humane treatment of younger siblings for generations of Americans.

Personal Life


Mr. Claus is a man who puts others first. Together with his wife Mrs. Claus, he runs one of the world’s largest non-profits, distributing billions of toys to the deserving each year. A prolific reader and writer of letters, St. Nick also enjoys spending time training his eight tiny reindeer, visiting malls and playing beach volleyball.